genre: synth-pop, synth-rock, gary numan-esque, legendary pink-ish

NAVEL4EVE utilizes DIY technologies to craft rhythms & melodies electronically; melding them with seductive, charismatic vocals and approaching it all with an unorthodox, autodidactic view where personal expression is the overriding priority. Predominantly experienced live, NAVEL4EVE's subjects and sophisticated compositions on one end of the spectrum playfully promenade around poppy, kitsch structures & lyrics--yet irreverence and genuine disposition elevates the music to something both empathic and infectious. Already apparent on the 2002 release gogogo is a fusion of numerous styles, opposite the neotenic; running the gamut from tenebrous and cynical to obliquely sinister.

And released Freakshow ep (2006) too.
"it makes you feel in the sort of way anthematic acts tend to" - someone

And just released Sex Makes Song ep (2008). Get it on iTunes or AmazonMP3.

And eventually will release a debut full length album Go Home (coming when who knows).


From the new "Sex Makes Song" EP

From the "Freakshow" EP

Unreleased / Covers

the scroll

genre: shoegazer, new wave, prince-adulation, industrial, idiosyncratic

Merging delicate beauty with vile, bombastic ugliness, The Scroll is characterized by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Deeh.

T. Deeh formed The Scroll in 2002 from the wreckage of his earlier band, Scroll. Though often accompanied by a series of rotating guest divas lending their vocal skills to the mix, T. DEEH remains solely responsible for the band's musical and artistic direction, glossing his lyrics with dark, unapologetic dry humour.

Playing, arranging and producing everything himself, T. Deeh started recording new material in 2002 and 2003. The Scroll's first EP - aptly titled "Sadist" - was released independently in May 2003. That same month, Acidasia (a female vocalist who appears on many of The Scroll's songs) became the second official member of the group. Later that year, The Scroll released their second independent EP, "Gramps Kept Me in the Cellar".

The Scroll spent most of 2004 preparing a double album. Two more EPs surfaced in early 2005: "The Coloring Book" and "BTW, This is a Love Song to Myself". The double CD "Swan Soliloquy of a Deehrelict" was finally unleashed on an unsuspecting public in May 2005 and is Akachic Records' first official release.

In 2006, The Scroll began to tour accross Canada while using their off time to do creative music videos.

The Scroll is currently working on a new album, a documentary and music videos.

pax nipponica

genre: shoegazer, indietronica, indie rock, notwist-ical, tarwater-like

Since the early 90s, Bruno had been spending most of his time making electronic music, primarily computer-based but often incorporating guitars or various sampled sounds. Meanwhile, Yan had been experimenting with lo-fi 4-track recording, trying to overcome the limitations imposed by a lack of proper equipment with as much creativity as possible.

Combining their different approaches to music-making was not immediately obvious, but the two introverted musicians found common ground in a number of musical influences (from Gang of Four, to My Bloody Valentine, to Boards of Canada, to...). With a shared obsession in tweaking sounds through layers of effects and processing, they found a method in their madness and defined a sound that is all their own.

In 2005, Pax Nipponica joined forces with three other recording artists - NAVEL4EVE, THE SCROLL and PANICK AND THE SILENT FOLK - to form the Montreal-based independent label AKACHIC RECORDS. The label is releasing Pax Nipponica's debut six-song EP, NOT TONIGHT, in April 2006.

Yan is soon releasing an album of solo work under his moniker "Racine" that will be out August 13th 2008. Meanwhile Bruno is working on the next Pax Nipponica, tentatively scheduled for September 2008.


From the upcoming "Moral Ailments" EP (ETA September 2008)

From the "Not Tonight" EP

The label

Akachic Records is run from a shiny Mac laptop in Montreal, QC, Canada. We help each other out with music stuff and promote independent music with a DIY ethic. Lately, we've decided to pretty much abandon CD's, except for short runs that we make ourselves with a duplicator to sell at shows. Musically, we're mainly interested in bands melding the electronic and the analog.

To contact the label email us.

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